Installation Process
Over the years we have developed an installation process that we find works really good for both us and the customer. In addition to our approach, as describes below, we want to make ensure that customer satisfaction is top priority. To ensure this, our owner is heavily involved in the process start to finish and makes regular job site visits and maintaining daily communication with job site workers.

1. Schedule a bid

We will setup a time that in convenient for you, to take measurements & gather any additional details needed for the bid. After taking measurements, we will present the different materials options. Before leaving we will provide you with a complete bid that will include the finally cost of service and materials.

2. Installation Preparation

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, we more than appreciate it. Now sit back & relax!. A few days before your scheduled installation we will setup a time for blue stakes to come out to your place to mark all gas & utility lines, to ensure safety & protection for your family & property.

3. Installation Work

Our installation is done in two steps. First we will install the post & allow up to 5 days for the post concrete to set. We allow the post to set to ensure a solid stable foundation to avoid the sagging. Second step is to come out to install the fence sections, along with finishing work & hanging of any gates.

4. Job Complete

We don't want to leave you in a mess. Our crew will make sure all dirt has been removed grass and paved areas, holes are all back filled, trash and material waste disposed of, and if needed the fence washed down. If present, we will have you review the completed job to ensure satisfaction.

5. Follow Up

Lastly, we don't forget about you just because our service is complete. We strive & take pride in making sure our customers are completely satisfied with the services that we have provided. Approximately one week after installation has been completed, we will contact you to ensure all outstanding questions and/or concerns have been addressed.